The world around us

“Better energy solutions for the communities we serve.”

Driving the switch to cleaner fuels

SHV Energy currently operates across four continents to provide clean, independent energy to millions of consumers for thousands of different applications. Our major products are LPG, LNG and Bio-LPG, all of which can be used without a centralised gas grid infrastructure. These products also have a major environmental advantage – they are far cleaner and lower in carbon than many of the widely-used solid and liquid fuels for similar applications. Switching from high carbon, heavily polluting energy installations to SHV Energy products is the activity that most clearly defines our strategy. We call it Advancing Energy Together.

Advancing Energy Together…around the world

Almost every society in the world accepts the fact that we need to reduce our dependency on high carbon, high polluting energy. However, specific challenges can vary widely. That’s why we constantly review our position in every area in which we operate, to help us target better energy solutions and stay relevant to the local issues that matter most in the communities we serve. By doing so, we continuously try to climb the ladder of cleaner and renewable energy. We can imagine that in the future an acceleration to solar or wind energy might be the most appropriate way to facilitate the energy transition. This is exactly the reason that we aim to gradually step in-to the market of renewables.

Figure 3: Energy Ladder

Reducing CO2 in European rural energy

Approximately 40 million European homes are located in rural areas beyond the reach of the main gas grid. Most of these homes still rely on coal, heating oil and electricity. SHV Energy recently supported a study that illustrated how the European rural energy sector could save about 100 million tonnes of CO2 by switching to LPG and Bio-LPG. At the same time, our European business units are constantly driving initiatives to switch rural customers to LPG – and many are seeing record breaking new customer acquisition numbers as a result.

Cleaner cooking – increased health, safety and prosperity

In the developing world, the use of kerosene and solid fuels such as coal and wood are widely used by families to fuel cooking stoves. The resulting poor air quality is reported to cause around 4,000,000 deaths a year on a worldwide basis – that’s more than tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS combined. The use of kerosene, coal and wood also introduces serious safety risks such as indoor fires. What’s more, the collection of firewood is largely undertaken by women in many areas. This not only affects their ability to become economically active, but it can also involve great personal danger. In India, China and Brazil, SHV Energy provides LPG to fuel cooking stoves in urban and rural areas, leading to improvements in the fields of health and the environment.

Urban air quality: a call to action

Serious concerns about urban air quality are growing across the globe. In Asia, an increasing number of cities suffer from severe smog. In Europe, cities are facing severe financial penalties for failing to meet air quality standards. The issue of air pollution will only become more alarming in the face of worldwide urbanisation and a growing global population. As a result, the pursuit to improve air quality through the increased adoption of cleaner transport fuels is now on almost every country’s agenda. SHV Energy actively promotes and invests in Automotive LPG and/or LNG infrastructure in many countries. We also regularly participate in new technology and vehicle prototype trials to ensure that our products are part of the transport energy solutions of the future.

LPG as a backup for wind and solar power

There is no doubt that renewable wind and solar technology is becoming more widespread and therefore cheaper. While this is beneficial for the carbon footprint of many countries around the world, in many regions there is almost always a need for some sort of weather-proof back up. In areas with limited or no energy grid access, the answer is very often provided by supplementary LPG-fuelled appliances. As a clean burning, low carbon fuel, LPG complements renewable systems and maintains the very low polluting status of the overall energy installation.

New technologies and the Internet of Things

On the face of it, LPG and LNG may seem like low tech traditional fuels, and it is true that they are well established. However, their ability to be harnessed to high tech applications and controls is growing fast. Remote gas ordering through telemetry systems is now highly accurate and very reliable. Internal controls can now heat homes and businesses from the other side of the world. In addition, our business units routinely offer paperless invoices and meter readings while using state-of-the-art software in many LPG and hybrid LPG vehicles.

A commitment to sustainable growth

These activities represent just a few snapshots of some of the areas we are addressing as part of our future strategy. They are all part of SHV Energy’s ability be future-ready today, and to grow sustainably into tomorrow.