Our strategy

“We’re future-ready today for sustainable growth tomorrow.”

Advancing Energy Together

As an independent, global energy company, SHV Energy sees a changing, challenging world. A world in which energy is essential for human prosperity, but which is also struggling to cope with the impact of its use. A world in which our climate is changing, air quality is becoming an increasingly critical health issue for millions or people, and in which action is required, now. At SHV Energy, we see an opportunity – and we feel a responsibility – to make our world better. After all, we are an energy company with a local focus and a healthy international presence, and we can make a real difference. Our energy is cleaner than fossil fuels such as coal, wood and oil, and it is now available to those not served by the grid. Therefore, one of our most important goals is to help people and businesses switch from polluting oil and solid fuels to improve air quality and dramatically lower carbon emissions.

We have a strong and sincere belief that we can deliver on this purpose through the adoption of a clear and simple global strategy that is owned by every part of our organisation.