Our overall strategy

To reflect the circular nature of a sustainable economy, we illustrate our strategy with this wheel:

Figure 4: Strategy Wheel

The heart of our strategy

No responsible business today can claim to be part of the future energy market unless it has safety and sustainability at its heart.  SHV Energy has positioned these two issues in the centre of its strategy and business model. Our goal for Safety is zero incidents – there can be no other aspiration and our safety policy, featured in full within this website, details our principles, vision and commitments that are designed to deliver this. Our goal for Sustainability is a 25% reduction in carbon emissions by 2025 – but our culture of sustainability, also comprehensively detailed in this website, explains how much more we are doing to reduce our impact on the environment and, consequently, life on earth.

The edge of our strategy

The edge of our strategy wheel features the essential internal functions that we call Enablers. We have accelerated policies and plans in all of these areas to ensure that our Group has the most effective and efficient structures and processes in place. This will enable us to stay relevant and sustainable within the increasingly demanding energy markets around the world.

Growing naturally

SHV Energy currently operates a highly successful, global LPG business, which now includes Bio-LPG in many parts of Europe. We are also rapidly establishing a small-scale LNG business function in many territories. These off-grid gas energy products are all low carbon and clean burning, and we are convinced that there are still major Growth opportunities in these markets. This area of our strategy aims to grow our core business by switching customers and businesses from higher carbon, air quality-polluting liquid and solid fuels to SHV Energy solutions. Each of our business units therefore focuses on the most appropriate market sector, and provides credible switching impact data as part of their energy consultation discussions.

Developing future-proof energy solutions

To complement and support our core products, SHV Energy is actively seeking Business Developmentopportunities in existing and new LPG markets, but also within renewable energy market sectors. Building on our success in bringing the first substantial source of Bio-LPG to market, we have established dedicated resources to support our new energy market aspirations.

Fit for purpose

As well as ensuring that we have the right infrastructure within our enabling functions, we are also committed to focusing on their Fitnessbyreviewing them and instigating improvement projects – increasingly on a global level. This ensures our overall sustainability as a business. Energy markets can be volatile and unpredictable; for this reason, SHV Energy is passionate about ensuring that our operational functions do not impose an unacceptable cost burden on our customers. This part of our strategy constantly focuses on reviewing our operations to ensure that they are fit for purpose while never compromising safety or sustainability.

Working for society and the environment

We believe that our strategy, values and commitment are absolutely clear. In the chapter ‘The world around us’, we look outside our business to some different societies where we actively put our strategy into practise as we promote our applications with the aim of creating a real, sustainable, difference to people’s lives.

Our strategy is not a static charter carved in stone and adhered to regardless of external circumstances. It is flexible, relevant and, above all, driven by the needs and desires of our millions of customers. We believe this approach – together with the outstanding commitment of our people – will ensure our success and deliver real benefits for our customers, the environment and society as a whole for many decades to come.