Health & Safety

“Understanding our impact and taking responsibility.”

We make important investments in Health and Safety, treating it as a top priority and insisting on accountability from the top. Our new SHV Energy Health & Safety Policy (presented below) reflects this commitment.

Safety as a top priority

People across the globe trust an SHV Energy company to provide them with clean, safe energy. Contrary to what you might expect, in most cases this supply does not use a utility grid. Instead, the energy is supplied by people who package or deliver our products through a variety of closely managed processes. For this reason, our diverse range of SHV Energy companies must position safety as an absolute top priority. 

Accountability at the top

When it comes to safety within our business units, accountability must flow through the line management structure right to the top. In fact, safety is the first item on the Group Management Board’s agenda every time they meet. We fully investigate all incidents to find the root causes. Then we rapidly communicated the lessons learnt throughout the organisation.

Investment in safety training

In 2018, all line employees with key safety responsibilities will attend training to receive the NEBOSH international safety certificate. This represents a significant investment by both the individuals and the company. And the increased knowledge will enable a step change in our safety performance.

Our new SHV Energy Safety Policy

This year, we are also publishing our new SHV Energy Safety Policy, which articulates Senior Management’s commitment to safety. We present it here in full, and you will find it at every SHV Energy company location, together with a local, supportive, action-based policy.

Every day, millions of people all over the world are touched in some way by the activities of SHV Energy. They may be employees, customers, neighbours or just observers but they all trust us to cause them no harm. This is our highest responsibility within our stated purpose of advancing energy together.

We will create a culture within all parts of our organisation that builds upon a foundation of compliance to become a leader in health, safety and environmental performance. Therefore, we will pay rigorous attention to detail with a passion for continuous improvement in all our activities.

Our principles:

  • We will not compromise the health and safety of ourselves, our colleagues, customers, business partners and the communities in which we do business for any reason whatsoever.

  • Visible leadership and personal accountability for safety is the responsibility of everyone who undertakes work for SHV Energy.

  • Anyone who works for us shall stop work, and report the circumstances, if they believe an activity to be unsafe or an infringement of a life saving rule.

  • We will work to the same standards globally, whilst complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Our safety principles shall be reflected in 100% of our behaviour, 100% of the time.

Our vision:

  • Zero incidents.

  • Safe, secure and healthy working conditions for all who work with and for us.

  • High quality, safe and environmentally responsible products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.

  • Economic, social and environmental sustainability in everything we do.

Our commitments:

  • Continuously improve our performance and actively manage all safety risks in our business especially at times of change.

  • Sustainable changes that address the root causes of all incidents, with special focus on those with the potential for a severe injury or fatal outcome.

  • Design, construct and operate our facilities in a safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible way.

  • Ensure sufficient measures are in place to prevent major incidents.

  • Accountability and performance tracking against our Safety goals and targets.

  • Work with our business partners and industry to actively promote and enforce compliance with this policy.

  • Promote open communication and sharing of Safety knowledge with all stakeholders.

  • Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory, industry and company requirements.

  • Provide adequate resources, training and equipment to enable fulfilment of this policy.

  • Ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities to deliver this policy.

We are pleased to introduce our new policy in this sustainability review. Part of the ongoing safety performance regime will be to establish common leading key performance indicators and targets, which we will harmonise for future sustainability reports. For now, rest assured that we are absolutely committed to safety as part of our increasingly sustainable organisation.