Employee Management

People are at the heart of our business

At SHV Energy, we’re proud to place our people at the heart of our business. Our company culture provides a supportive environment that allows our employees to reach their full potential and to really make a difference. We ask our employees to be open minded, to embrace new ways of working, to continuously learn and – when needed – to step out of their comfort zones in order to realise our ambition to deliver more sustainable energy to today’s world and future generations.

Continuous professional development activities

We encourage and support continuous professional development activities in many different ways across our business units. At a basic level, all SHV Energy employees begin their career with a comprehensive induction programme, supported by specialist vocational training, with a strong emphasis on safety and compliance. To support our Advancing Energy Together purpose, we have started an accelerated range of people development initiatives to leverage the international cross-functional capabilities of individuals and teams. Our most recent, centrally-driven initiatives in this area include:

  • Our SPRINT (SHV Primary Introduction Training) programmes. These are fast paced sessions involving relatively new people from different functions in different countries. The aim is provide participants with a rapid understanding of the diverse aspects of SHV Energy’s activities while helping them start to build a career-long network of colleagues from around the world.

  • Our LINK (Learning and Investing through Networking and Knowledge sharing) programme. This is an intensive leadership development programme designed to secure the succession of senior positions within SHV Energy through the development of managers who show the potential for senior positions. It ensures that SHV Energy identifies and develops our high potentials.

  • Our Ambassador programme, which is a great opportunity to refresh our mid-level managers’ business insight, further develop their professional qualities and extend their SHV Energy network.

  • Our International Leadership and Extended Leadership meetings, which are now firmly established as regular events to build a one world approach to many common issues. People development is a regular item on this important agenda.

  • Our new and advanced ‘Workday’ global database. We established this database in 2017 to ensure a standard approach to performance management and other people development data. This capability will enable accurate and real time information on people development activities that are openly accessible to employees and management.

International succession management

We work hard to ensure a continually developing and sustainable workforce. In that regard, we constantly review our succession management programme, and we have grown our international assignments rapidly over the last two years. We have a clear target: four out of five management positions should be filled by internal candidates. We use a wide range of coaching and development activities to help us achieve this goal.

Building on initiatives that put people first

Over the next two years, we will build on these initiatives by focusing on a variety of areas to continuously improve people development performance. We will:

  • Develop new international development programmes to increase individual expertise and cross-functional network creation, supported by the introduction of a global Learning Management System.

  • Develop an increasing number of highly skilled central specialists to improve efficiency and customer service abilities across the globe.

At SHV Energy, we are confident that our strong heritage in sustainable people development performance will help us remain committed to putting people first – always and everywhere – as we work hard to create a more sustainable world.