Company profile

“Meeting today’s challenges through decentralised, low-carbon and clean energy solutions.”

Decentralised, low-carbon and clean energy solutions

SHV Energy is part of SHV, a privately held family company that has established a global presence in a wide range of activities. Today, SHV is present in 60 countries on all continents and employs approximately 60,000 people. SHV groups are active in energy distribution, cash and carry wholesale, heavy lifting and transport activities, industrial services and animal nutrition and aqua feed. As an investor, SHV is involved in the exploration, development and production of oil & gas primarily in the North Sea, and it provides private equity to companies in the Benelux.

With 16,800 employees, SHV Energy provides decentralised, low-carbon and clean energy solutions for 30 million business and residential customers in over 25 countries across four continents. It is a leading global distributor of LPG and a significant player in small-scale LNG and sustainable biomass.

In Europe and the USA, SHV Energy is committed to providing energy solutions for homes and businesses in rural areas beyond the gas grid. In these areas, there is widespread use of the most highly polluting fuels such as coal and heating oil. Consumers – both businesses and individuals – that switch from these fuels to LPG and LNG can bring about a significant reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide and particulate matter.

In Asia and Brazil, SHV Energy provides clean fuel for businesses, residential and commercial customers spanning all sections of society. In many of these countries, cooking with LPG is beginning to replace solid fuel stoves, which are known to be a major source of pulmonary illnesses in these areas. In Asia, existing petrol and diesel vehicles are increasingly converting to LPG and LNG, a trend that is welcomed in particular by urban communities concerned about worsening levels of pollution.

Globally, SHV Energy aims to position itself within the changing energy market as a supplier of low-carbon and renewable energy solutions for applications beyond the utility grids. During 2017, several options were further explored to build a position in markets for renewable energy sources and related technology.

Figure 1: Supply Chain SHV Energy

SHV Energy made several acquisitions during 2017. Primagaz acquired Total Belgium, which took Primagaz' market share to a number one position. SHV Energy also made its first entry into the US market with its acquisition of Pinnacle Propane.

Our core values

We run our business based on our core values. Our people – who all share SHV’s values and business objectives – shape SHV. SHV's culture reflects their professionalism, entrepreneurship and reliance on common sense. Mutual respect and trust provide the basis for sound working relationships between all of our people, who are encouraged to take responsibility for their work and are stimulated to be entrepreneurial. Knowing that SHV people are capable of meeting the challenges of today gives us confidence in the future of this company.

How we organise sustainability

Each of our business units is represented by a Sustainability Leader – a go-to-person for all things sustainability-related, and supportive in the local implementation of sustainability practices. All Sustainability Leaders report directly into their local Managing Directors and work closely with the Group Sustainability Manager.

Figure 2: Sustainability Organisation

We have created clusters to accommodate local differences and facilitate corporation between organisations: a regional group of business units that cooperate to define their sustainability agenda and the implementation of their sustainability programme. The main approach for implementing sustainability programmes is the use of existing business structures, such as:

  • Decision-making: approval from the Management Board and the involvement of local management teams

  • Improvements: together with the procurement community, the operations community, and the customer creation community

  • Reporting: a year plan cycle, monthly updates, and integration into finance reporting

  • Financing: carbon pricing in investment proposals

A Sustainability Platform is also in place at an SHV Holdings level, in which the Group Sustainability Manager represents SHV Energy.