Preface by the CEO

"From individual behaviour to collective impact"

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Company profile

“Meeting today’s challenges through decentralised, low-carbon and clean energy solutions.

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The world around us

“Better energy solutions for the communities we serve.

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Our strategy

“We’re future-ready today for sustainable growth tomorrow.

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Our overall strategy

To reflect the circular nature of a sustainable economy, we illustrate our strategy with this wheel:

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Our strategy and sustainability

As a company focused on the long term, we have an inherent interest in ensuring that we operate sustainably.

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Health & Safety

“Understanding our impact and taking responsibility.

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Employee Management

At SHV Energy, we’re proud to place our people at the heart of our business. Our company culture provides a supportive environment that allows our employees to reach their full potential and to really make a difference.

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Local Air pollution

Air quality is one of today’s vital issues, and out of all of the data and statistics available, here are a few facts that hit us the hardest.

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Climate change

In 2015, 194 countries around the world gathered in France to discuss the best way to combat climate change. The result was the Paris Agreement – a unique and multi-lateral commitment to creating a dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions.

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