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Liquigas launches “1,2,3… RESPIRA!” project for schools to focus on sustainability and future environmental impact

A core part of the energy strategy at Liquigas is energy efficiency and the search for sustainable sources, with low environmental impact, that can be available for future generations.

They have recently launched “1.2.3… RESPIRA!” or “1,2,3…BREATHE!” an educational project that is aimed at secondary schools, inviting teachers, students and parents to get involved in all aspects of energy use and sustainability, particularly the quality of air that we breathe.

A project to help develop the responsible adults of the future

The global challenge faced by all, is protecting the future environment and the project is designed to raise the awareness of the issues among the students. They will be the key in the future debate of how to find solutions to use the currently available energy resources and at the same time meet needs in a sustainable way.

The project introduces experiments, documents and online research material that will allow the participants to understand the scientific mechanisms for measuring and evaluating the impact of energy choices.

The project material is available in an easy-to-use kit, designed to complement existing school courses, and will be available again for new participating schools next year. The project output can also be submitted as part of a national competition with prizes for the successful schools.

A successful first year – 24,000 reasons why!

There has been widespread interest in the first year with many schools getting involved and supporting the project. The take-up indicates that environmental issues and health & well-being are high priorities for the younger generation.

Over 24,000 students have got involved in "1,2,3 ... RESPIRA!” with 861 classes in 455 schools and the project has had over 100 papers submitted for judging, from which 5 winning schools were awarded prizes.

Liquigas – a long term plan

The "1,2,3 ... RESPIRA!" project will start again with a new edition next year including an updated and enriched program. The project will continue to be part of Liquigas' long-term commitment, to make citizens and institutions aware of air pollution by promoting clean energy sources.