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Primagas Germany – expanding our commitment to climate protection

We’re completely carbon neutral

Primagas Germany is now completely carbon neutral. We have achieved this by participating in certified international climate protection projects – this helps us compensate for the emissions we unavoidably create from our own business operations and deliveries.

Two climate protection certificates

To help us offset CO2 emissions, we have acquired climate protection certificates from a wind power project in India and a hydropower plant in the Philippines. Both projects are certified by the United Nations and meet high quality standards. They also use clean energy, which means that we are contributing to the environmental- and climate-friendly supply of power to the populations in these areas.

Certifying our own emissions

By purchasing the certificates, we are also compensating for CO2 emissions from our own business operations. We take the three well-known emission ranges into account when it comes to CO2 balance: direct emissions resulting from our own fleet’s fuel consumption, indirect emissions associated with the energy we buy, and other emissions due to activities such as business trips and logistics. In 2017, we emitted approximately 11,622 tonnes of certified CO2.