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Enhancing employee and community development

"The right attitude and behaviours are as important to our company as the results people achieve, or even more."

Our company culture provides a supportive environment that allows our employees to reach their full potential and to really make a difference. We want our employees to be open minded, to embrace new ways of working, to continuously learn and, when needed, to step out of their comfort zones in order to realise our ambition to deliver more sustainable energy to today’s world and future generations. Success comes through our people

A people’s company

We are a people's company. Commitment, ambition, flexibility and strong values are what our employees have in common. Integrity is key and without a purpose we are nothing. Safety is our main concern, therefore we have a strong focus on improving knowledge and skills to reduce the number of mistakes at work.

We need everyone aboard

By embracing new ways of working, we give our employees the opportunity to develop new skills in innovation, digital, safety and change management. Our learning and development programmes are designed to provide participants with a rapid understanding of the diverse aspects of SHV Energy’s activities at different stages in their careers. The career development programmes aim to strengthen our pipeline for future leadership positions and challenges participants to stretch their comfort zones. Talents in those programmes are offered the opportunity to take on different assignments in different countries and different functions at different SHV Holding companies. We do not just look at these particular groups of people; we believe that there is no person without talent. Advancing Energy Together means we need everyone aboard to go forward.

"That means a lot more than accomplishing well-defined tasks. As value-based organisation, attitude and behaviour are always equally important to the tangible goals that we achieve."

Being part of SHV Holdings, we focus our social responsibility efforts on education through the internal campaign Start from the Heart. The programme comprises a long-term investment in people and communities. By supporting educational programs, SHV helps people to help themselves. Through the company’s Lapwing Awards programme, we recognise great initiatives that take place locally, a tradition we are proud of and wish to continue.