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SHV Energy supplies customers all over the world with accessible, clean, safe and affordable energy for applications beyond the utility grids, including cooking, heating and powering vehicles.

We are a global leader in the distribution of LPG and a significant player in small-scale LNG and biomass. We continue cherishing this core activity and will keep enhancing our offering and operations. Growth is driven by a combination of organic growth, acquisitions and developing in new geographies.

Our goal for the medium and longer term

For the medium and longer term, our goal is to have 100 percent of our energy carriers produced from non-fossil, bio-based feedstock by 2040. To achieve this we aim to steadily increase our supply of BioLPG (amongst other renewable fuels). This is an important driver of our vision of Advancing Energy Together. BioLPG is identical in use and performance to conventional LPG and an ideal energy solution for consumers and businesses wishing to reduce their carbon footprint. We aim to obtain a substantial position in renewables, which will be focused on alternative energy solutions and energy efficiency services as part of the energy transition.