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SHV Energy currently operates across four continents to provide clean, independent energy to millions of consumers for thousands of different applications. Our major products are LPG, LNG, Bio-LPG and biomass, all of which can be used without a centralised gas grid infrastructure. These products also have a major environmental advantage – they are far cleaner and lower in carbon than many of the widely-used solid and liquid fuels for similar applications. Of course, we also offer a wide range of services to help customers meeting their energy needs.


LPG is a portable and clean energy that is easy to store and transport, while pressurized and can be used in many ways.


LNG is natural gas which is liquefied by cooling it to -162°C. Destined for large scale energy users, transport or the grid.


SHV Energy is set to become the first energy company ever to distribute Bio LPG to its customers. Bio LPG is propane created from renewable feedstocks such as plant and vegetable waste material. In use, it is identical to conventional propane and therefore has the benefit of being able to be blended and used by all existing appliances.


Biomass is a non-fossil solid fuel, usually natural or processed wood, used in individual heaters or central heating boilers. Good-quality biomass from sustainable local sources has a role to play in the future rural energy mix.


Every SHV Energy company is committed to better serving the needs of its customers and becoming the energy supplier of choice in markets where it operates. It offers a full spectrum of services to help customers meeting their energy needs: installation & uplifts, appliances, energy advisory services, meter rental and maintenance.